Monday, September 15, 2008


Centuries have passed since humans have proclaimed themselves as the most intelligent and omnipotent species that walk on the earth. And what not did we pursue in these few million years of evolution. One of the most prominent inventions of man can be dated back to 3500B.C., being "the wheel". Since then, there has been no looking back. Electricity, plastic, cement, paper, incandescent lights, ballpoint pen, roads, microscope, telephone, television, automobiles, satellites, computers, www., penicillin, insulin, pacemakers, contraceptives, ECG, space shuttles, rockets, aeroplanes, sky scrapers, multiplexes, escalators, coffee machines and on goes the list. You name it, and we 've got it!

In every genre of our daily life, the contributions of great inventors and inventions has been inevitable. Be it medicine, climate, travel, communication, education, cooking, security, house-keeping, entertainment(of course) or any other aspect of life, man has made a tremendous progress providing 'tools' for a better life.

Having said all that, i probably cannot turn a blind eye to the other side of the coin.
Where man has discovered the presence of ozone layer as a protective blanket around earth, man has also invented the so called "ozone holes".
Global warming, a phenomenon being largely aggravated by human activity in recent years is reaching its destructive threshold, and i know it sounds cliched but hardly anybody is "doing something about it".
Ball bearings..a relatively commonplace object....see how innovatively they are being used these days. On one side, they provide friction-free movement and on the other side, man is making weapons with them to kill another man...and for what?? Huh..who knows!

All in all....this is what man has made out of life.

But i am not complaining..cos i ve got no right to...
At the end of the day, i am one of the 6.7 billion people in the whole wide world,
who genuinely bother about anything but their own trivial world and aspects pertaining to it....
And i am writing this to say how ashamed i am of being so selfish regardless of the things happening around me...

Bhavya Karne


Sage said...

This is awesome. Good work, Very good post.

rajani said...

I agree with your thoughts and appreciate ur feelings. Is there anything we can contribute practically to make things better?

lucky said...

I dooo agree with your thoughts... cause those feelings are really natural and love to see more and more keep rocking